Friday, December 12, 2008

Top Ten Destinations for Christmas Holidays

Christmas is a time for celebration filled up with lots of fun and excitement. It will be very nice if you travel to your favorite destinations in winter in the Christmas time and enjoy the splendid beauty of the festivity and activities. There are exotic top ten destinations in the world where everybody like to go. These destinations are full of lights and activities in every nook and corner. You feel the kind of magic and love in the air.

The top destinations for Christmas Holidays are: -
  1. USA is a great place to spend your Christmas holiday. It typically suits every family's fun and entertainment. You have the choice of spending your holidays in New York or better go to Orlando which has the famous Disneyland for the attraction of your kids. If you want to escape the cold weather then better go to the famous islands such as Miami, Hawaii, or the Bahamas.
  2. Another great place to escape the winter and celebrate your Christmas vacations is Australia. You can enjoy there as you will find the summer season there. Just have a chilled drink in your hands and relax the cool breeze. You can also indulge yourself in the water activities, make sand castles and enjoy swimming or basking under the sun.
  3. Do not miss to go to Caribbean Islands where you can spend the time with your family and friends to celebrate Christmas and take the advantage of various offers to make it a memorable Christmas.
  4. Another perfect place to go is Paris. It is a beautiful destination which makes you relaxed and overjoyed with the tantalizing beauty of lights and corals in churches. To add the magical touch in the Christmas season do visit the famous Eiffel Tower or see the fireworks at night.
  5. Rome is another great place to visit during Christmas time and you can celebrate it in a more traditional way. The Cathedrals are wonderfully decorated with candles and lights. The corals singing will really take your heart away.
  6. Another enchanting way to spend your Christmas vacation is in Japan. It has the special carnival festival and the dazzling fireworks at night. You will get to hear the captivating ringing bells in temples in Tokyo.
  7. The best way to celebrate Christmas vacations is in Germany. The place is full of activity, stalls having arts and handicrafts and thus makes you enjoy the local delicacies.
  8. You should also consider going to Austria where in the months of December become winter wonderlands and the markets and restaurants are full of special offers for you.
  9. Another best attracted destination for kids is Finland where Santa Claus resides. People enjoy sledge ride and skiing in the snowy lands and having the traditional Christmas dinner.
  10. San Diego in California is also famous destination to celebrate Christmas. This place for whale watching fun and adventure. This is the time for the whale watching tour in winters during Christmas to celebrate the Christmas festivities right on board on the cruise ships.
Thus these are the top destinations to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones and spread love and good wishes for everyone in the air.

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