Monday, December 8, 2008

Eiffel Tower the Glory of Paris

Paris is one of the best destinations for travelers all around the world. Whenever the name of Paris city comes then the wonderful piece of architecture namely Eiffel tower strikes in the mind of the travelers. Eiffel tower is one of the wonders of the world is the center of attraction for tourists. Paris is regarded as one of the favorite destination for honeymoon couples and many Hollywood actors have planned their honeymoon on top of Eiffel tower.

Let us discuss about Eiffel tower in detail:
  1. Eiffel tower was designed by A.G Eiffel and it is situated near the bank of river Sienna. Extreme beauty of the city and hospitality of the people make it popular all over the world. People like to spend their time around Eiffel tower to enjoy the vibrant day and night. At night lighting on Eiffel tower glitters and make it fascinating place to visit.
  2. Paris is included in history due to the glory of Eiffel tower. Eiffel tower is symbol of love and prestige for the people of Paris. Eiffel tower has made Paris popular among the tourists. Paris is preferable romantic location for the newly wedded couples. Travelers plan to visit Paris for capturing the Eiffel tower in their camera.
  3. Eiffel tower has lot of secrets as it was designed by the engineer who made the masterpiece using the steel construction. Eiffel tower is very high and there is lot of weight due to its steel body construct but the pressure on the ground is made minimum by designing it expertly. It took many years to complete the construction but it became popular among tourists very soon.
  4. 12ooo pieces of iron have been used in constructing stunning tower and the height is about 300m. Eiffel tower was in starting tallest tower in whole world but nowadays it is not among tallest construct but definitely it is still one of the most popular construction. Amazing tower is responsible for attracting large number of tourists and adds huge amount in the revenue of the government.
  5. Travel and tourism industry is blooming due to the presence of Eiffel tower in Paris. You can visit the museums and art galleries of the city for collecting valuable information about the tower and its specialty. You can also plan for the sightseeing and can experience the natural beauty in the area around Eiffel tower.
No one can miss the Eiffel tower if you are visiting Paris. Plan your travel to Paris and experience the finest piece of architecture.

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