Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Packing Tips for Travel

Packing for a trip is always a very hectic task. Sometimes people do not know what they should pack and what not to pack. They tend to pack things of least importance and in this procedure they forget about packing the most important documents and stuff. In order to make your trip an enjoyable experience you should follow some rules and tips about packing in the most appropriate manner.

The tips below will help you in packing your bags with all the important and necessary items making your trip a wonderful and exciting experience.
  • The biggest blunder that any traveler could make is over packing his clothes. You should have underwear that would last you for the entire trip. Take more tops and t-shirts rather than jeans or pants. Make your daily clothes plan chart and take clothes according to it.
  • Make sure that you carry a list of all the items and clothes you are carrying while traveling, this will prevent you from forgetting any thing at the place you are going to.
  • Money, jewellery and all the important documents should be kept very safely. Avoid taking items which are very expensive and valuable. It will be a great loss to you in case they are lost or misplaced.
  • Pack everything a day or two before you are leaving, this will avoid confusion and rush at the last moment.
  • Pack as much as you can carry on your own, this will save your time and money from hiring porters. If you are carrying a light luggage this will also help you in boarding any bus, train and aircraft easily.
  • Do not pack books and documents in a haphazard way, instead take time and pack them in neat bundles and folders and spread them throughout your bag.
  • Place all your toiletries and cosmetic items in a separate small carry bag. This will prevent you from mixing up things, and your clothes will remain safe even if any of these items leak or spreads out of their containers.
  • Always keep your passport, visa and other important document in your purse or wallet; it is a very safe measure in case you are traveling internationally.
  • All the electric items like mobile phones, i-pods, mini music systems and laptops should be kept in a water proof package to keep them safe from rain and sun.
These tips will surely prevent you from any packing problems that usually occur when you are on a tour. They will help you in taking all the adequate items in a proper way and according to your needs and requirements.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What is a Travel Agent and Agency

In a simple language we can say that travel agent is a person who sells and arranges travel and tour deals to its customers. His work also includes attending to details of transportation, itinerary and hotel stay for the travelers. A travel agent acts on behalf of the organization for which he is working. He acts as a common link between the agency and its customers.

A travel agent is entitled to act in accordance with the law. He organizes the sale and purchases all forms, important documents like passports, visas and necessary travel insurance. A travel agent should be knowledgeable and well aware of the day to day changes in the tourism industry.

A travel agency is a type of retail business, the work of the travel agency is to provide its customers with suitable discount rates, affordable tour packages and deals. A travel agent is a small part of this agency and he works under the name of a travel organization. Travel agencies are an important part of any country's tourism industry.

Its customers are the top priority of any travel agency. The client should be treated very well by the travel agents in order to continue future dealings. It is the work of the travel agent to inform its customers about various deals and discount schemes, the client should be made aware of the new places of his interest that he could visit at reduced and nominal rates.

Apart from dealing with ordinary travel transactions, the travel agency also deals with making separate travel arrangements for business and commercial travelers. Some travel agencies deal especially in providing such packages. Some travel agencies are interconnected with other overseas agencies all around the world. This helps them to deal with customers who are willing to go abroad.

Some travel agencies also serve as general sales agent for overseas tourism organizations. They work on an international level and provide all the comfort and safety to the clients travelling internationally. A number of travel agencies work on a commission basis, the proceedings from airlines, cruise, car-rentals, railways, hotel accommodations and various other facilities is expected as their commission. The main aim of every travel agency is the maximization of its profit with the help of proper guidelines and schemes.

Hence it is very necessary to choose a travel agency which provides maximum benefits to the customers, the travel agent as well as the agency should work according the needs and requirement of its customers in order to receive good reviews and hundred percent consumer satisfactions.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tips for Cruise Travel

Traveling on a cruise is like a dream come true for many people. It is considered as one of the most sophisticated and luxurious way of traveling. It is one in a lifetime experience helping you to take an extravagant vacation which would surely become one of the most memorable vacations of your life time. Traveling in a cruise is expensive but it gives you plenty of time for relaxation and helps you to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Here are few essential tips that you must follow during your time aboard on a cruise ship. These tips will surely help to make your vacation an adventurous and exciting experience.

  • When planning for a cruise with your travel agent, be sure to add an extra day or two to your schedule in case you face any flight delays or cancellations at the last moment.
  • Your cruise ship will stop at excellent islands and countries on a daily basis so be up to date with the cruise reviews to find out what fantastic experience each port has to offer.
  • Travel by cruise often brings people of different nations together, in such an environment diseases like measles, rubella and influenza. Etc. can spread from one person to another person very easily. In case of any such circumstance one should immediately seek medical attention on board.
  • People planning cruise trips should get the necessary health insurance, this document is very important in case of people above 65 years of age and pregnant women.
  • While packing for a cruise you should be careful to pack an extra charger and extension cord because cruise ships have only one outlet, this would create problems in case you are using more electrical devices than one.
  • Before packing your clothes for the trip you should make a daily clothing plan list. This will help you from over packing. You should also label your belongings very carefully, in case they are lost or misplaced during your vacation.
  • A cruise ship provides you with many interesting recreational activities, so you should keep a track of all the activities taking place during a day, this would make your stay more adventurous.
  • Organize your daily plans in the morning each day so that you get adequate time to enjoy your meals, explore the exotic ports, do shopping and also take part in various activities of the cruise.
  • Make the best of your stay and always use your common sense, don't walk in dark alley ways, be sure to safely lock your money inside the room and where ever you go, its a must for you to carry an identification and number of the cruise ship you are traveling on, in case you get lost, it would provide you with a lot of help.

These tips will definitely provide you with essential guide lines for all the does and don't when you are on a holiday aboard a cruise ship. They would also help you to spend a pleasurable and enthralling time during your vacations.

International Travel Guides and Deals

International traveling has become a global phenomenon. People love to explore different lands to know about their cultural heritage and varied landscapes. The ever increasing demand for international travel is due to the fact that a number of countries are making tremendous efforts to promote tourism. Host countries are distributing large number of travel literature and guides at overseas markets which is creating a lot of awareness among foreigners who are interested in international travel.

Every country has vast numbers of travel agents and travel agencies in the domestic market, they help the customer with various queries and problems faced during international travel. They provide the consumer with attractive deals and offer which makes it much easier for the consumer to travel internationally.

Hospitality and tourism industry is a thriving industry which has tremendous benefits for the host country. It helps in building the reputation and goodwill of a country. It also helps in acquiring a large amount of foreign reserves, which are very valuable for any country. Traveling is one of the most important part of a person's lifestyle especially for those who have overseas business transactions and people who love traveling for pleasure and learning.

Travel to overseas destinations has become easier due to discount travel rates, affordable tour packages, attractive locations and other holiday deals that are available at the choice of customer's destination. Travel agencies provide premium and exclusive services to all its clients. The services includes booking of flights and hotel stay, securing of important travel documents such as passports and visas, obtaining necessary travel insurance and coordinating with overseas agencies to facilitate package tours.

There is an international network of agents which insures better safety and service. Client's comfort helps to increase the goodwill of the travel agencies. Hence it is very necessary that the customer is given world class treatment and should be the agencies first priority.

Today a number of airlines have increased their global destinations. A vast number of new airlines are emerging to make air travel much easier than before. Major airlines have increased the number of flights between host countries for the benefit of tourism goals. Air travel is becoming more popular by each passing day; this helps the airline companies to enjoy the ever increasing economies of sale and encourages them to offer more affordable flight packages.

All these facilities help to promote international tourism to a much greater extent. This encourages the people from all around the world to travel abroad with their family and friends for holidays as well as official overseas meetings.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Beaches Of The World

A holiday by the beach is an ultimate vacation for most of the people. It is an excellent place for surfing, swimming and sun-bathing. People find solace and peace in the panoramic view, cool breeze and breathtaking ambience of the beaches. Some of the most the most exotic and wonderful beaches from all around the world are given in the list below.

  • The Bahamas: It is one of the most stunning beaches of the world, the pristine quality of water; safe snorkeling and sheltered swimming are some of its best features.
  • Matira beach: The beach of Bora Bora is one of the dreamiest beach of the world .Here one can enjoy blue sparkling water, long beach stretches and soft sea whispering on the shores. One of its best features is the sun going down at horizon.
  • Paradise beach: One of the most popular beach among the world crowd, it has turquoise water, small fishes and a chilled out ambience that would rejuvenate your senses.
  • Galicia, Spain: This beach has a stunning Atlantic coast line where one would like to spent long lazy summer days enjoying the cool breeze and the warm summer sun. There are small dunes sheltering the calm lagoon of clear crystal water.
  • Salt pond Beach Park: It provides a great scene for family gatherings, there is plenty of flat space for games. The water here is relatively calm and quite and the sun is bright and warm.
  • Clifton beach: This beach is attended by the most trendy and happening crowd of Cape Town, South Africa. This beach has acquired a blue flag status due its glamour, well kept bronzing bodies, fashionable bikinis and sunglasses.
  • Cala Luna: This is a gorgeous beach near Dorgali in Sardinia.It provides great adventures to scuba divers due to its colorful marine life, balmy sea temperature and crystal clear water. This is a magical place with rolling hills covered with heavy vegetation.
  • Punaluu black sand beach: This black beach also serves as a sanctuary for green sea turtles. It offers very safe snorkeling and swimming on the south coast. The waves here are extremely unpredictable.
  • Easter island, Chile: It is an ideal place for a family to relax and enjoy the beautiful environment and the pink sand. It is more than 2,300 miles west of continental Chile. It is known all around the world for its monolithic stone statues in the shape of human heads.
  • Paracas beach, Peru: Peru is very famous for its scenic beauty. On the Paracas beach you can get a chance to meet pelicans which roam all around the beach freely. The beach belongs to the desert peninsula Paracas on the south coast of Peru.

The people who will get a chance to visit some of these beaches will be blessed as they will get to experience the most amazing and wonderful waves of azure seas, silky sands, blue lagoons, exotic islands and thrilling waves.

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