Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Beaches Of The World

A holiday by the beach is an ultimate vacation for most of the people. It is an excellent place for surfing, swimming and sun-bathing. People find solace and peace in the panoramic view, cool breeze and breathtaking ambience of the beaches. Some of the most the most exotic and wonderful beaches from all around the world are given in the list below.

  • The Bahamas: It is one of the most stunning beaches of the world, the pristine quality of water; safe snorkeling and sheltered swimming are some of its best features.
  • Matira beach: The beach of Bora Bora is one of the dreamiest beach of the world .Here one can enjoy blue sparkling water, long beach stretches and soft sea whispering on the shores. One of its best features is the sun going down at horizon.
  • Paradise beach: One of the most popular beach among the world crowd, it has turquoise water, small fishes and a chilled out ambience that would rejuvenate your senses.
  • Galicia, Spain: This beach has a stunning Atlantic coast line where one would like to spent long lazy summer days enjoying the cool breeze and the warm summer sun. There are small dunes sheltering the calm lagoon of clear crystal water.
  • Salt pond Beach Park: It provides a great scene for family gatherings, there is plenty of flat space for games. The water here is relatively calm and quite and the sun is bright and warm.
  • Clifton beach: This beach is attended by the most trendy and happening crowd of Cape Town, South Africa. This beach has acquired a blue flag status due its glamour, well kept bronzing bodies, fashionable bikinis and sunglasses.
  • Cala Luna: This is a gorgeous beach near Dorgali in Sardinia.It provides great adventures to scuba divers due to its colorful marine life, balmy sea temperature and crystal clear water. This is a magical place with rolling hills covered with heavy vegetation.
  • Punaluu black sand beach: This black beach also serves as a sanctuary for green sea turtles. It offers very safe snorkeling and swimming on the south coast. The waves here are extremely unpredictable.
  • Easter island, Chile: It is an ideal place for a family to relax and enjoy the beautiful environment and the pink sand. It is more than 2,300 miles west of continental Chile. It is known all around the world for its monolithic stone statues in the shape of human heads.
  • Paracas beach, Peru: Peru is very famous for its scenic beauty. On the Paracas beach you can get a chance to meet pelicans which roam all around the beach freely. The beach belongs to the desert peninsula Paracas on the south coast of Peru.

The people who will get a chance to visit some of these beaches will be blessed as they will get to experience the most amazing and wonderful waves of azure seas, silky sands, blue lagoons, exotic islands and thrilling waves.

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