Sunday, September 28, 2008

What is a Travel Agent and Agency

In a simple language we can say that travel agent is a person who sells and arranges travel and tour deals to its customers. His work also includes attending to details of transportation, itinerary and hotel stay for the travelers. A travel agent acts on behalf of the organization for which he is working. He acts as a common link between the agency and its customers.

A travel agent is entitled to act in accordance with the law. He organizes the sale and purchases all forms, important documents like passports, visas and necessary travel insurance. A travel agent should be knowledgeable and well aware of the day to day changes in the tourism industry.

A travel agency is a type of retail business, the work of the travel agency is to provide its customers with suitable discount rates, affordable tour packages and deals. A travel agent is a small part of this agency and he works under the name of a travel organization. Travel agencies are an important part of any country's tourism industry.

Its customers are the top priority of any travel agency. The client should be treated very well by the travel agents in order to continue future dealings. It is the work of the travel agent to inform its customers about various deals and discount schemes, the client should be made aware of the new places of his interest that he could visit at reduced and nominal rates.

Apart from dealing with ordinary travel transactions, the travel agency also deals with making separate travel arrangements for business and commercial travelers. Some travel agencies deal especially in providing such packages. Some travel agencies are interconnected with other overseas agencies all around the world. This helps them to deal with customers who are willing to go abroad.

Some travel agencies also serve as general sales agent for overseas tourism organizations. They work on an international level and provide all the comfort and safety to the clients travelling internationally. A number of travel agencies work on a commission basis, the proceedings from airlines, cruise, car-rentals, railways, hotel accommodations and various other facilities is expected as their commission. The main aim of every travel agency is the maximization of its profit with the help of proper guidelines and schemes.

Hence it is very necessary to choose a travel agency which provides maximum benefits to the customers, the travel agent as well as the agency should work according the needs and requirement of its customers in order to receive good reviews and hundred percent consumer satisfactions.

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