Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Advantages of Self-Drive Safari

Safari is known as the best adventurous trip in the dense forests or national parks. It is something very unique, exciting and thrilling option to have Safari trips to experience the wild animals in front of our eyes. But it is often the misconception of most of the travelers that safari can be experienced having a safari travel guide. The truth is that you yourself can have a self-drive safari. It is not at all scary if we go with full preparation and planning taking the necessary precautions.

It is an amazing experience of discovering the new borders by maps, getting lost and found and that entire do it yourself safari. Usually tourists and travelers prefer group self-drive safaris as it helps them in sharing the vehicle and other expenses. There are many benefits of a self drive safari.
  1. The very first benefit of self drive safari is that you can choose your own companions to accompany you and thus you can enjoy the comfort and complete privacy with them.
  2. It gives you the total fun and freedom with a complete sense of independence to experience that wild nature on your own. Thus it helps you learn a lot and develop your mind and thinking.
  3. With the self-drive safari you can enjoy every safari highlight to make it a memorable one as there is no time barrier on you.
  4. Even if your car breaks down then or tyre gets punctured or you run out of petrol then various roadside assistance available by the car companies are sometimes at your help.
  5. Going on a self drive safari will really save lots of money and hence you can enjoy the thrilling moments without any time limit.
  6. You can even hire camping equipment such as vehicle camping, gear, maps, cooking ware, canvas safari bathrooms, supplies and water. It is also suggested to take your medical kits in order to stay safe and prevent the danger.
  7. Apart from that you will experience the wildlife which is the most important part of the safari. As without them safari will not be fun and enjoying.
  8. The major advantage of the self drive safari is that you can patiently enjoy the wildlife photography to get those amazing shots.
  9. You can adjust accommodation for yourself; the one which suits you and no need not worry about those pre decided uneasy accommodations when you go with the safari operators or guides.
  10. When you are on the self drive safari you still can take the option of going with the safari travel guides. Thus you can the best of both the worlds.
Thus Self drive Safari is more adventurous and thrilling as it gives us the complete independence and flexibility to enjoy every part of it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Best Tips to Avoid Business Travel Stress

Travelers planning the business trip experience stress which makes the traveling difficult. Business trips often result in stress and there is need to find out the solution to make the journey stress free which can help in concentrating on the business. Individuals who plan the business trip try to avoid the things which cause stress. But sometimes situations become difficult to handle leading to stress. Companies usually send the people on the business trip and provide facilities to make the trip hassle free.

Few tips help you to make stress free journey:
  1. Always make the schedule to keep some spree time for the emergency situations. Tight schedule can make your travel difficult. Make your schedule in such a way so that there is scope for you to relax.
  2. Try to reach the airport and station before time. There should be enough time to catch the flight and train on time. Sometimes due to rush people find it difficult to catch the means of transport.
  3. Plan the direct visit to the place. You should avoid changing the flights again and again to reach the destination. You can book the direct flight to the destination to make your travel hassle free and it will save our money too.
  4. Meet your doctor before you leave to go through the routine check ups. If there is need doctor can help you to overcome the common health problems and can give you possible health advices.
  5. Choose the suitable vehicle for traveling within the destination. You can hire private taxi if you face problem in bus. You can even take the metro trains for fast journey.
  6. Pay attention on your diet. Some travelers eat without paying attention to the health but it is very wrong habit. You should avoid eating junk food and try to consume food full of nutrition.
  7. Even small health problem can ruin your journey. Precautions and preventive measures should be adopted to avoid the health issues. Never miss the medicines which are prescribed by the doctor.
  8. Keep the important documents safely and also carry photocopies of the documents and keep them separately. You should carry the map of the destination which can help you a lot in traveling from one place to other.
  9. You can carry gadgets and mobile phones with music facility to keep your mind fresh during the journey. If you are book lover then its better to arrange for the magazines and novels.
Stress buster techniques help you to make the business trip successful.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Benefits of Romantic Weddings Abroad

Marriage is such a beautiful institution where the bride and groom unite and take promises to be with each other and impart love with all the respect and care. And if you are planning to get married, then the most exciting part of it is to plan your romantic wedding abroad. For some it is only the dream to plan their wedding abroad but it can be the reality.

There are various websites which help in managing and taking the full control of the romantic weddings abroad. So you should definitely check them out. They even provide with various budget suited wedding plans which are really irresistible and full of charisma. But the main thing is that wherever you choose your wedding it should be romantic.

Romantic weddings abroad have their own advantages and are full of romance and passions. The weddings abroad are becoming much easier and are more common. Now people do not want to be a part of old and common traditions and want to be a part of growing trend.

Let us see what the benefits of it are.
  • We know that the married couples go on a honeymoon but if you marry abroad and enjoy your honeymoon there only; it will be a great idea. So the very first advantage of it is that is costs less and can easily suit your budget plans.
  • You do not have to worry about the wedding plans as your booked hotels or travel agents will prepare for everything. You all know how much stressful it is to decide for the venue, food menu, decoration, seating and other arrangements. So they are becoming very popular because of the organized wedding arrangements promised by the trusted designers and travel agents.
  • You can have the option to get married in your dream destination and choose to go to the popular wedding destinations such as Switzerland, Venice, Scotland, Australia, Caribbean beaches and other beautiful destinations to make it a memorable one.
  • It is because of the wedding abroad that it gives you a number of options to select where you want to get married. Whether it is on the beach, on the mountain or plains or even near the old castles or forts. Some people go far from the urban land and get married in the countryside region in order to be surrounded by the beauty of green trees and lands with the romantic air blowing and making you love your partner more.
  • If you go abroad for your wedding then you can take only your close friends and family to a small wedding ceremony. This is specially suited to those who do not like crowds.
  • You can even choose a wonderful location in the background for the photos to taken by the photographers.
Thus Romantic weddings abroad thus are full of excitement and pleasure with for the newly weds.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Advantages of Green Tourism to the Travel Industry

Travel and Tourism industry is at its stretch these days. It is becoming very popular with lots of tourists who come to enjoy and spend time, cities getting crowded every year when tourists go in the peak season thus making the tourism industry as the biggest money making industry. Thus travel by car, air and other modes of transport are obvious but it is becoming the main source of pollution and spoiling the environment with harmful gases. Thus government of every country is taking the steps to prevent the harmful effects of pollution by applying the concept of Green tourism.

What actually is green tourism?

Green tourism means that you preserve the nature and ecological creatures as well as promote the tourism industry to make more profit. Take the benefits of eco-friendly transportation fuels, best stays in hotels and resorts that are going green and those which are environmentally conscious.

The travel and tourism industry has bounced up in those places where the natural environment remains in tact to save the planet Earth.

Green tourism has lots of advantages for those who love traveling a lot and inculcate in them the sense of protecting their nature.

  • Since the tourism industry wants to be economical as well as ecological, it applies the concept of going green. So the hotels and resorts are approving the idea of going green and making more profits.
  • Green tourism is making the use of online travel marketing ads to make others know the dangerous effects of global warming and impart its knowledge to the tourists and travelers.
  • Internet is being used to tell new trends in tourism by letting your minds go change and you stay in nature friendly environment of hotels and resorts.
  • It is because of Green tourism you get all the facilities as you would get in other urban crowded cities. In the countryside vacations you are in touch with the cool and fresh breeze of nature, relax and can have a healing touch. All the fun to live in the close proximity of mountains and lakes surrounded by greenery is more enjoyable.
  • People are advised to use recycled products and other non-toxic materials while traveling and develop in them a good civic sense so that they not litter here and there and protect the nature.
  • Green tourism has also helped in minimizing the force on both the natural and cultural environment, thus generate income for the host land.
  • It is because of the Green tourism that locals and travelers are guided in the travel books and websites on how to make crafts from empty cans and do not litter and tour guides even help and guide with some of the interesting and attracting tips to protect their nature and prevent it from destroying.
We see how advantageous it is to implement green tourism nowadays to be safe for future but still make tourism popular and make the tourists nature loving.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Advantages and disadvantages of Online Travel Agencies

Internet is the vast source of information and internet users are utilizing the online facilities to overcome the traveling woes. Traveling geeks prefer online travel agencies but it is not always beneficial to rely on the travel agencies. There are two sides of a coin similarly online travel agencies have both advantages and disadvantages.

We can discuss advantages and disadvantages one by one. Here are few advantages:
  1. People often find it hard to choose the place of travel. Travel agencies are expert in providing the suggestions related to destination spots. There is long list of traveling places around the world. It becomes quite confusing to choose the place of visit due to lack of complete information but travel agencies make the work easier.
  2. Booking the flights, cruises, train etc for planning the travel is very hectic. You have to kill your time in selecting the right transportation. Finding the schedule of the airlines to the particular places is quite difficult and it takes lot of time to search the internet for collecting the relevant information. This work can be made easy by choosing the travel agency.
  3. You can get the best cheap deals by selecting the online travel agencies and can even get the discounted vacations o certain destinations. Online travel agencies help you to get the good accommodation. Lot of money is spent on the lodging charges but travel agencies save your money by making the rooms available at reasonable rates.
  4. Few places are very risky to visit and arranging the travel without the help of professional guide becomes impossible. Especially the places of adventure activities are planned with the help of travel agencies to avoid unprecedented woes.
Now few disadvantages of selecting the online travel agencies are as follows:
  1. All the online travel agencies are not reliable and it becomes impossible to find the travel agency which is most reliable. There is always risk to depend on online travel agencies.
  2. Sometimes booking of the tickets by the staff members is done without care and problem arise when you are about to leave. They usually commit mistake and book the ticket of wrong destination.
  3. Sometimes the hidden charges of the travel agency cost a lot and you avoid the travel agency for booking the travel again.
  4. The arrangements made by the travel agencies are not satisfactory and you complain a lot to the authority but no improvements are made in the direction.
So according to your wish choose what is best for you but enjoy traveling to the fullest.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ten Tips for Travel Commandments

Traveling has become an important part of our life and it makes us enjoy and stress free during our vacation with friends or family. But traveling does not mean simply to pack bags, book the tickets and have fun. It means more than that. It needs whole sole preparation and planning before going to our favorite destination. There are ten travel commandments which should be discussed as they are very crucial for us and never makes us go wrong in any of our business trips or family holiday. It completely ensures our safety and security and provides trustworthy plans; which if we do not follow can put us in trouble.

Here are the basic 10 commandments discussed below:
  1. The very first commandment is to keep all the important documents. Keep your passport, visa and bank cards to avoid any danger. Other things include tickets, travel passes and credit cards. In fact you all should alert your credit card companies before going on a travel so that loss of credit cards can be prevented.
  2. The second most important thing is to arrive at the airport early enough to clear check -ins, customs and security check ups. If you happen to come by taxi then better ensure its booking a day before. And if you happen to go with your friend then remind them beforehand to escape the stress overcoming you.
  3. The next thing is to pack your bags lightly and very sensibly. Keep the entire medical and toiletry kits with you. If the destination where you are heading to is very cold then better you keep the winter stuff with you. Keep only necessary footwear with you; one for everyday wearing, another for formal wearing and last for the walking purposes with the proper shoe cases.
  4. The fourth one is to care for yourself while you are in the flight. Drink lots of water and eat hygienic food only. Do not try to take alcohols while traveling. Keep your skin moisturized and so ladies should not wear the make-up while traveling as it may lead to skin problems. Even wear stretchable clothes to make yourself comfortable. The more you will take care of yourself the more you will be stress free and will experience the less jet lag.
  5. Next thing is to keep a journal or a diary to keep writing all your experience while traveling. In this, you can easily write the names of various famous places to share it with your friends. This will help you collect your memories. You can also make album of the snaps taken.
  6. Be polite while traveling to other destination of which you are not aware of. You should not indulge in fighting with the local people there and commit crimes. It is better to contact the higher security authorities.
  7. Just free yourself while enjoying completely in your favorite destinations. See the favorite places and areas as you will not be coming to this place daily. Look out for the cheap open food courts which serve you the best food.
  8. Offer help, be kind and generous to those who want your help and seek your advice. If they need money help then you should be the first to help if you have enough money to help. But be sure that you are not misguided by them.
  9. Respect other country's customs and traditions and do not litter here and there and maintain a good civic sense.
  10. Learn everything when you are traveling as it will widen up your experience.
Thus you all should follow the vital Ten Commandments to make sure that travel to your destination may go merrier and fun filled.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holidays in Marbella

Marbella is the most fascinating destination for the tourists planning to spend their vacations in Spain. You can everything which you desire for adventurous vacation. Marbella has Mediterranean Sea and is famous for resorts. Let's have a brief discussion on the holidays at Marbella:

Tourists come here with the aim to forget their routine life and plunge in the pomp and show of the place. Nightlife of Marbella is enjoyed by the visitors. Clubs, resorts, bars and craft work is the best part of the beautiful place. People indulge in shopping and become extravagant in buy the outstanding work of the local people. There is a range of restaurants which provide quality of food and drinks to the tourists. Cheap hotels and luxury resorts offer you excellent variety of food. The taste of food will be remembered by you throughout your life.

Yachts are available at reasonable rates for sightseeing. People involve in this business also provide guide to see the beauty of nature. Tourists can even enjoy the skiing in the Marbella. Snow covered regions of Costa del Sol provides the facility to thrill yourself with skiing sports. Fishing, swimming and water sports like scuba diving is also enjoyed by the tourists. Cruisers can also be hired comfortable water journey. There is a lot to discover for tourists in Marbella. Few days visit is not enough to pamper the galore facilities. Tradition and culture of the people attracts you and you will like visiting the place again. Dazzling beaches of Marbella makes the place more interesting. Lodging is also available at the beaches.

Special places like museums having the pieces of old art, Capilla de Santiago place of religious importance and Casca Antigua which is of historic importance is visited by the tourists. Casinos of Marbella are the center of attraction for the rich class people. People like spending time in Casinos and indulge in gambling game. People who like playing golf can become members of the golf clubs and experience the facilities of the golf courses.

Contact the travel agencies and the companies which organize the tours for Marbella. Season of visit is of concern for the visitors with low budget. Discount offers are available on internet from time to time; only the need is to be vigilant. Exciting offers can be capitalized to plan a good vacation. You can even register online to get the best offers and the cheap deals.

If you have the money to plan the good vacation then Marbella is one of the best options to explore the vibrant place.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Travel to Antarctica for Adventure

People usually dream about the snow covered landscapes and a little thought of it fills the person with the adventure and the chill runs down the spine. Have you ever thought for a journey to the south pole of the earth? There was a big question in the minds of the discoverers and travelers that where earth ends or what is beyond a certain point where no one visited.

Antarctica continent stands fifth on the basis of area. One of the coldest regions on earth is surrounded by the Antarctic Ocean. Flora and fauna variety cannot be observed much due to extreme climatic condition. Here you can get insight to Antarctica traveling:

As compared to early days people now can get a lot of information on Antarctica. Many countries have made their expedition to this continent and have collected relevant information to get acquainted with the temperature, vegetation and type of climate prevailing in extreme point on earth. Many countries claim particular areas under their political control but the continent is not legally under the control of one ruler. Survival of human specie is really tough in such conditions and no one can think to settle and start living in coldest continent.

People who are willing to visit Antarctica can plan a trip. Flights are even available to help you to reach there safely. Earlier people used waterways as the only means of transport to reach Antarctica but now with advancement in transport facility person can take both ships and flight.

You can contact the agencies which provide you the facility to plan your trip to Antarctica. Lot of preparation is needed before you start your journey. Clothes required to survive in cold weather are not commonly available. Travel agencies provide you winter clothes to keep you warm. Money required to plan your trip is a huge amount. Everyone cannot afford the cost of travel. It can make a dent in your wallet. Season of your trip is also informed by the travel agency. This trip is special and unlike other trips it requires all sorts of unique arrangements.

Beauty of Antarctica can't be compared with the rest of the world. Penguins, whales, polar bears, seals and Sea birds are special attraction of this continent. Snow covered mountain peaks and natural beauty is unique. You can even enjoy Mountaineering and towering of glaciers. Precautions and guidelines are explained by the travel agency. You cannot visit to such place for touring without the help of travel agencies.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best Tips for Foreign Travel

Finally, it is the day, the most awaited day for you all to go a nice vacation to a foreign country which you all were tempted to go. You all are full of excitement and enthusiasm as your dream has come true. But the most important thing now arrives and that is to have a safe and peaceful journey to your favorite destination. But before you all get, set and go to the airport or go by sea, you should not forget the significant things to take with you during your foreign travel. The more you are prepared, the more you will feel relaxed while traveling. There are many things which you all need to know before going to a foreign vacation. It is always recommended to do a proper research of the place where you are going to have enjoyment.

  • First and the foremost thing to keep a passport, boarding pass and visa with you. Get them Photostatted or laminated to keep you safe even if it gets lost. You all should get yourself registered in various government sites or embassy sites which will help you if you get lost or your important documents get lost. You should not even forget to keep your tickets; your international credit or ATM cards but before that check out your bank in that particular location wherever you are going. It is always suggested that you get all your important documents photocopied to avoid any problems. Take your unlocked hand bags, locked trolley bags, travel kits with you such as medicine kits, toiletry kits, cosmetics for men and women, few travel accessories during day or night time, extra things needed for kids and pets etc.
  • Carry a superb digital camera of more than 2 GB memory card with yourself as it will help you in trapping the most memorable sites and moments as it has a memory card to store lots of data. In order to know the daily happenings of that country you all should daily read the newspaper or watch the news in order to prevent any problem. It is always suggested to learn the language of a particular place or some local phrases used by the people where you are going. Check out that area's weather, any common diseases existing there, its holidays and festivals, various places of attraction in that country, and try to know much about everything in advance. Even car rentals, reservation in hotels or resorts also matters a lot. Check your room before you are going to stay.
  • Our vacation should be the most remembering one and no carelessness should be done while traveling to foreign country otherwise your vacation will convert into a nightmare if precautions are not taken. So you should have travel insurance and a medical insurance done which will keep you tension free at least. You all should get the best packages from the trusted travel agents only. It is also must to know where to get the currency exchanged.
  • It is rightly said that you should be careful enough while traveling to other countries as law varies from country to country. You should not indulge yourself talking to those who are of rude behavior and should not indulge in crime. It is good enough to save your money by taking a tourist bus or licensed taxis to see various sights.
  • While traveling stay away from hitch-hiking, do not travel in empty compartments in trains, and be safe from the harassment in the crowded buses or trains.
  • Be polite while talking to the local public in any country you go in order to stay away from the abuses and fights. Do not insult the foreign customs or traditions.
So before you start leaving to have an exciting experience of a foreign land, check once again what all you needed. Be optimistic to have a memorable trip. Do not forget to learn what all you see and

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dream a Trip to the Moon

I woke up in the morning and after rubbing my eyes and coming out from my sub-consciousness, I went into great astonishment about a dream I saw last night. It was a dream where I had a trip to the moon. I used to be very interested in knowing about every planet in our Universe. I always used to wonder about the life on moon, any living creatures out there, whether the extra-terrestrial objects or aliens have come from there or not. I used to read books, surf on the Internet but last night it was a dream where I myself was having a nice trip on the moon.

It was really very fascinating and the land of the moon was so nice, also called as "desolate beauty", though there was hardly anything to see but only craters and lots and lots of rocks. Let me tell how I reached there and what all I saw on the moon.

I was the lucky one to get the free ticket to a trip to the moon among all those 5000 participants. It was basically a quiz competition on the Universe and I had won it as I had a lot of knowledge about the moon and other planets. I got the space aircraft to go on such a nice and exciting space expedition. I packed my bags and I knew what all had to be taken, was wearing a space jacket to avoid any kind of troubles. It was going to be my first experience to moon. With few difficulties I reached and landed on the surface of moon. As I kept my foot on the land, I could not control my balance because its gravitational force is not as intense as we know of Earth. And I had to utter those same words of Neil Armstrong: -"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind". Now I had to agree how he himself must have experienced the moon.

The surface of moon consists of large craters, fine grained dust and rocky debris, the whole surface is filled with regolith which is grounded up rock, highlands and even plains. Some of the craters were even filled with molten lava. Its crust was very thin and cracked, allowing molten lava from the interior to reach the surface. The Moon has neither any atmosphere nor any water. What more, the sky on the moon always appears dark even during the daytime. We all know that sound waves travel in air and help in transmission of sound. But to my surprise, the moon was so silent and nothing could be heard on it, the reason was possibly no air on the moon.

I even collected some beautiful shining rocks found on its earth as I wanted to show it to all the people down on Earth. As there is no air, so no oxygen, so no life on moon otherwise how nice it would be to meet some strange living creatures. As I was busy in collecting the rocks and completely engrossed in that deserted place and started going back to earth, suddenly I saw from the moon itself, God's beautiful creation and that is Earth, a very huge and so mesmerizing moment that made me think to wait and reside on the moon itself. How anyone could leave that tantalizing thing and go? When I went back on my spacecraft and as soon as I reached the land, I woke up with a bang and thus saw myself on the bed and rubbing my eyes but alas! No rocks or pebbles from the moon in my hand.

It was an enthusiastic experience of all the dreams I have ever seen where I roamed on the moon, a land with large rocks and craters, but there was an ultimate peace and calmness which everybody on Earth is looking for. May be one day we think of migrating to moon permanently if artificial atmospheric conditions are developed by our scientific technology very soon.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Travel Guide to Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country which is located in South East Asia. This country is partly situated in Asian mainland and partly in the island of Borneo. West Malaysia shares its border with Thailand and with a causeway and a bridge to Singapore. This country has coastlines on the South China Sea and Straits of Malacca.

The capital city of this country is Kuala Lumpur and consists of thirteen states and three federal territories. The city of Putrajaya is the seat of federal government. Malaysia is a very exotic country and is visited by a large number of tourists through out the year. This country is famous for its traditional cultures and friendly locals.

This country has amazing landscape and is one of the most pleasant, hassle-free countries to visit in Asia. Malaysia has Urban and architectural attractions, travel to the capital city Kuala Lumpur to see the twin towers, buildings, and other examples of Malaysia's successful commitment to industrialization.

Malaysia is world famous for its traditional religious practices and rich history and culture. This delightful, buoyant and wealthy country has moved towards a pluralist culture which is based on a vibrant and interesting fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous cultures. Malaysia has some of the most thrilling beaches, mountains and national parks in Asia.

The most famous sights and attractions of this amazing country are

  • Melaka City
  • Penang
  • Batu caves which are religious and spiritual caves located at Ipoh Road.
  • Lake gardens located in Jln Parlimen.
  • Sepilok Orang-Utan Rehabilitation Center which is a zoo
  • Stadhuys which has beautiful museum and houses.
  • Taman Negara National Park which is a very famous wildlife park
  • Langkawi which is an archipelago in the Andaman Sea, off the coast of northwest Malaysia.
  • Kek Lok Si Temple (Penang)
  • Masjid Jamek (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Thean Hou Temple (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Tioman Islands -an island off the east coast of Malaysia, considered one of the world's most beautiful islands.

Malaysia is a very hot and humid country which experiences very extreme climates. The main events of this country are The Kota Belud Tamu Besar is a huge tribal gathering held in May at Kota Belud near Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, the Malaysian Grand Prix held in March and major Malaysian festival is Hari Raya Puasa.

Malaysia is a country that can be reached by easily by plane, car and train. People love to travel to this country because it has something for every one. From mouth watering delicacies to western modernized malls and attractive locations this country provides everything. So visit is country to enjoy a memorable vacation.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Benefits of Staying on a Self Catering Holiday

Self-catering holiday is a holiday which does not offer any meal plans in the price of your holiday such as all inclusive dinner, lunch, breakfast and drinks. An all self catering holiday has many facilities. As well as being cheaper in price it also offers flexibility as you can easily choose food and drinks according to your own choices.

Here we will provide you some very powerful advantages of staying on a self catering holiday.

1. Greater flexibly in options
The greatest advantage of a self catered holiday is that you do not have to eat the food provided by the hotel. Self catering holidays gives you the option of eating out or at the same place you are staying in. If you are going on a self catered holiday then you can easily choose and eat the food according to your own wish and choice. You not have to eat the boring food provided by the resort.

2. Cheaper in price
Self catered holiday helps you to obtain your vacation food at a very cheap rate. Generally hotel and resort package deals offer lunch, dinner and drinks at a very high rate. So if you are on a budget holiday then you can easily save your money by eating outside the hotel or resort you are staying in. Even children will enjoy a self catered holiday.

3. More freedom and independence
A self catered holiday allows more freedom and independence to the tourists which they can not experience in other types of holidays. You can eat your meals at whatever time which is suitable for you. In a self catering holiday it is totally up to you whether you want to eat cheaply or extravagantly. You can enjoy your meals to the fullest by taking a self catered holiday.

4. Provides a terrific choice of properties
A self catering offers you a terrific choice of properties. If you take a self catered holiday then it becomes very easy for you to decide whether you want to book hotel or a luxurious one. People traveling in big groups can simply choose from many beautiful self catering properties to enjoy their vacations.

5. Self catering holidays provide extra facilities
Some self catering holiday packages provide the customers with accommodation which include a proper kitchen, refrigerator and a coffee machine. In these kitchens you can cook your own food which will be according to your own choice. Such facilities will help you to have a lot of money on expensive food items.

These are the most essential benefits which you get if you take a self catering holiday.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Russian River Canoe Trip perfect for Families

Russian river canoe trips can be a very enjoyable activity for the whole family. All family members can take part in river canoeing. Taking a trip in a canoe is a very fun filled activity. Children as well as adults can have a blast during this adventurous sport. Russian River Canoe trips are perfect for family vacations.

Canoe trips help a family to experience the natural environment and lovely clean clear crystal waters of the Russian River. You can enjoy camping, swimming, boating, canoeing and explore unknown lands together. This is a perfect family getaway plan.
Here we will provide you with some of the most creative tips to enjoy the Russian River canoe trip with your family

River time
Let your feet touch the cool crystal water of the Russian River, lay across the tubes and let your partners handle the canoe for sometime. You will encounter a variety of bird life on your way. Some of these birds are egrets, heron, osprey, kingfisher, ducks, and owls. You can also enjoy a beautiful experience by wandering through giant redwoods which are a short distance away from the river.

Guides and schedules
You can easily get guides who are part naturalists and part river guides. These guides can handle your kids while you visit the wineries. These guides know special places where little kids can play and swim. The Russian River canoe trips are open seven days a week. You should make reservations of your trip at least two months in advance. You have to make a full payment while booking your canoe trip.

Best features of the Canoe trips
The canoe tours are generally planned on the most secluded part of the Russian River. The canoes are very comfortable and stable while you make the tour. These canoe tours take you through jungles in which you can see beautiful birds and a variety of different animals. You get many hours to play in the water. This will give you and your kids plenty of time to enjoy together. The river is not at all overcrowded with loud metal canoes. Only thirty canoes are allowed in the river at a time.

These Canoe trip organizers provide inflatable canoes, life jackets, dry bags and safety equipments to the customers. It is suggested that a family should carry at least one cell phone while enjoying their canoe trip in case the organizers have to call you as an emergency measure.

You can also carry small picnic baskets to enjoy on the way. Russian River canoe trips are most suitable for those families who love adventure sports. So enjoy your vacation with your family by booking a Russian River canoe trip.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Medical Tourism Package

Medical tourism is also known as medical travel, heath tourism or global heath care. The term medical tourism is used by travel agencies and mass media to describe the ever growing practice of traveling across the world to obtain health care. Such kind of trips are taken by those people who have enough money to travel abroad to get their health better.

The Medical tourism packages provide a large number of facilities to the people. Services in these packages includes elective procedures and specialized surgeries like joint replacements, cardiac, dental and cosmetic surgeries. Many complicated health care systems such as psychiatry, alternative treatments, convalescent care and burial services are also included in these medical tourism packages.

Such packages are very beneficial for the customers who are looking for health care in the foreign countries. The customers and the agencies use a very formal way of communication, connection and contract.

Reproductive tourism and reproductive out souring are also parts of medical tourism which helps the person traveling overseas to undergo in-vitro fertilization, surrogate pregnancy and assisted reproductive technology treatments which includes freezing embryos for retro-production.

Medical tourism is a budding industry in more than 50 countries all around the world. Every country has its own techniques and methods which vary in quality and risks. In order to prevent their selves from medical controversies every country has appointed experts in the field of medical tourism.

The concept of medical tourism is not new; it was started thousands of years ago in a small territory in the Saronic Gulf which in known as Epidauria. Epidauria became the original travel destination for medical tourism in the world. Today medical tourism is helping to earn a large amount of foreign currency.

Medical tourism industry in beneficial for both heath care industry as well as tourism industry because it has great market potential and provides many wealthy customers. The medical tourism packages, apart from providing medical facilities also offer a number of non-medical facilities like accommodation, transfers, and bilingual assistance and many other travel options.

Many medical tourist travel great distances in order to receive heath care in other countries. It is the responsibility of the host country to provide them the best available medical facilities. Medical tourism packages are very well organized which keeps in mind all the requirements and needs of the travelers. Such packages take full care of the visitor from the time they enter the country till the time they leave.

Medical tourism is very beneficial for those people who are not able to receive proper heath care in their own countries. So in a way such kind of tourism is a blessing for many travelers.

Best Tips for Planning to Visit Brazil

Brazil is a very vibrant country which is also known as Federative Republic of Brazil. It is the largest and the most populated country of South America and is the fifth largest country in the world. This country is the only Portuguese speaking nation in the Americas and it shares its borders with Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Now we will provide you some very important tips for planning to visit the amazing country of Brazil.

1.Whether conditions of Brazil
The whether of Brazil is extremely humid, so it is very important for you to carry clothes which are comfortable and heat resistant. You should also carry medicines if you are very heat sensitive. Plastic bags are very comfortable to carry light items. You should always keep a sun block cream, lotion and sunglasses in your hand bags while on sight seeing tours in Brazil.

2.Always pack very lightly
If you are planning to visit Brazil then you should always pack lightly because you have to go through numerous custom checks on flight arrival. It is very important for you to read the custom rules as they make you aware of what things to carry and what not to carry. Always plan your trip well in advance to save your self from the last minute hustle bustle.

3.Always carry all the important documents
You should be very careful about all your necessary travel documents. Also bring along documents of your recent vaccines. Hepatitis A, B and C are very prevalent in Brazil so you should always take vaccine shots to prevent your self from these diseases. Carry all your medical insurance, travel insurance, travel credit cards, visa and passport with you.

4.Fix your travel budget and learn the main language
It is very important for you to fix your travel budget in advance. If you do not fix a budget then you might spend more money than you intend. Fixing a travel budget in advance helps you to make all the necessary arrangements properly. The main language of Brazil is Portuguese; having some knowledge about this language will also help you to communicate with the locals.

5.Brazilian Currency
Before planning a trip to a foreign country it is very important for you to know about the currency of that particular country. Before traveling to Brazil know about the exact exchange rate of the Brazilian currency. Learn about the real, the currency used in Brazil and its anti-counterfeit features from before.

These few essential tips are very important for you if you are planning to visit Brazil.

Top Ten Best Travel Destinations

There are thousands of beautiful places on earth. It is very difficult to choose the best travel destination. Every person wants to spend their holidays on the best available spot, but finding the perfect holiday destination is the most tricky part.

So to help you out in this problem, here we will present you the top ten best travel destinations.

1. Zurich, Switzerland
Switzerland is one of the most gorgeous countries of the world. Zurich is very clean, affordable and a very beautiful place. Zurich is very famous for its art filled culture, pleasant climate and friendly people. You must visit this enthralling place to enjoy your vacations to the fullest.

2.Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires is one of the most delightful cities in the world. This gorgeous place is extremely affordable for all the visitors. This is a cosmopolitan city where you can enjoy delicious meals and dazzling night life.

3.Brazil, South America
Brazil is a fun filled country with friendly and hospitable people. This country has thick tropical forests, vibrant street festivals, lush green landscapes and enthralling waterfalls. Brazil is a country which will provide excellent facilities to all the tourists.

4.Sicily, Italy
Sicily is the most exotic island in Italy. It has its own distinguished ancient culture, language and gorgeous locations. You can taste the most delightful sea foods here, which is simple as well as mouth watering. It has many wine yards and the world's largest volcano.

5.Tokyo, Japan
This city offers you hyper urban experience and is cheaper than London and New York. This city is very well known for its numerous cafes, small boutiques, vintage stores and cheap noodle shops.

6. Edinburg, Scotland
This amazing city of Scotland is world renowned for its many castles; the breathtaking snow capped mountains, Green Rolling Meadows, The lochs and lakes. This famous city is known for its ancient history and legends.

7.Queenstown, New Zealand
Queenstown is known as the tourist Mecca of New Zealand. During the winter season this enthralling city is filled with snowboarders and skiers. It has post-card perfect mountains, charming lakes, lush green forests and amazing landscapes. This city is the perfect tourist destination.

8.Hawaii, United States
The Hawaiian Island offers you paradise and solace. It has pearly white beaches, Crystal clear blue sea, warm tropical islands and vibrant festivals. Hawaii is a unique place and it has thousands of luxury resorts and hotels. It is an all year round tourist destination.

9.Chiang Mai, Thailand
This walled city is located at the majestic Himalayan foothills. It has over three hundred Buddhist temples and is an important trading center. Visitors can enjoy friendly ambiance and beautiful nightlife.
10.Minneapolis, Minnesota
This is a mid western city and is very famous for its lovely lay out and fine art community. This beautiful city has spectacular views, amazing restaurants and Art Museums.

These are the top ten best tourist destinations in the world.

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