Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Advantages of Self-Drive Safari

Safari is known as the best adventurous trip in the dense forests or national parks. It is something very unique, exciting and thrilling option to have Safari trips to experience the wild animals in front of our eyes. But it is often the misconception of most of the travelers that safari can be experienced having a safari travel guide. The truth is that you yourself can have a self-drive safari. It is not at all scary if we go with full preparation and planning taking the necessary precautions.

It is an amazing experience of discovering the new borders by maps, getting lost and found and that entire do it yourself safari. Usually tourists and travelers prefer group self-drive safaris as it helps them in sharing the vehicle and other expenses. There are many benefits of a self drive safari.
  1. The very first benefit of self drive safari is that you can choose your own companions to accompany you and thus you can enjoy the comfort and complete privacy with them.
  2. It gives you the total fun and freedom with a complete sense of independence to experience that wild nature on your own. Thus it helps you learn a lot and develop your mind and thinking.
  3. With the self-drive safari you can enjoy every safari highlight to make it a memorable one as there is no time barrier on you.
  4. Even if your car breaks down then or tyre gets punctured or you run out of petrol then various roadside assistance available by the car companies are sometimes at your help.
  5. Going on a self drive safari will really save lots of money and hence you can enjoy the thrilling moments without any time limit.
  6. You can even hire camping equipment such as vehicle camping, gear, maps, cooking ware, canvas safari bathrooms, supplies and water. It is also suggested to take your medical kits in order to stay safe and prevent the danger.
  7. Apart from that you will experience the wildlife which is the most important part of the safari. As without them safari will not be fun and enjoying.
  8. The major advantage of the self drive safari is that you can patiently enjoy the wildlife photography to get those amazing shots.
  9. You can adjust accommodation for yourself; the one which suits you and no need not worry about those pre decided uneasy accommodations when you go with the safari operators or guides.
  10. When you are on the self drive safari you still can take the option of going with the safari travel guides. Thus you can the best of both the worlds.
Thus Self drive Safari is more adventurous and thrilling as it gives us the complete independence and flexibility to enjoy every part of it.

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