Friday, November 21, 2008

Advantages of Green Tourism to the Travel Industry

Travel and Tourism industry is at its stretch these days. It is becoming very popular with lots of tourists who come to enjoy and spend time, cities getting crowded every year when tourists go in the peak season thus making the tourism industry as the biggest money making industry. Thus travel by car, air and other modes of transport are obvious but it is becoming the main source of pollution and spoiling the environment with harmful gases. Thus government of every country is taking the steps to prevent the harmful effects of pollution by applying the concept of Green tourism.

What actually is green tourism?

Green tourism means that you preserve the nature and ecological creatures as well as promote the tourism industry to make more profit. Take the benefits of eco-friendly transportation fuels, best stays in hotels and resorts that are going green and those which are environmentally conscious.

The travel and tourism industry has bounced up in those places where the natural environment remains in tact to save the planet Earth.

Green tourism has lots of advantages for those who love traveling a lot and inculcate in them the sense of protecting their nature.

  • Since the tourism industry wants to be economical as well as ecological, it applies the concept of going green. So the hotels and resorts are approving the idea of going green and making more profits.
  • Green tourism is making the use of online travel marketing ads to make others know the dangerous effects of global warming and impart its knowledge to the tourists and travelers.
  • Internet is being used to tell new trends in tourism by letting your minds go change and you stay in nature friendly environment of hotels and resorts.
  • It is because of Green tourism you get all the facilities as you would get in other urban crowded cities. In the countryside vacations you are in touch with the cool and fresh breeze of nature, relax and can have a healing touch. All the fun to live in the close proximity of mountains and lakes surrounded by greenery is more enjoyable.
  • People are advised to use recycled products and other non-toxic materials while traveling and develop in them a good civic sense so that they not litter here and there and protect the nature.
  • Green tourism has also helped in minimizing the force on both the natural and cultural environment, thus generate income for the host land.
  • It is because of the Green tourism that locals and travelers are guided in the travel books and websites on how to make crafts from empty cans and do not litter and tour guides even help and guide with some of the interesting and attracting tips to protect their nature and prevent it from destroying.
We see how advantageous it is to implement green tourism nowadays to be safe for future but still make tourism popular and make the tourists nature loving.

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