Monday, November 17, 2008

Ten Tips for Travel Commandments

Traveling has become an important part of our life and it makes us enjoy and stress free during our vacation with friends or family. But traveling does not mean simply to pack bags, book the tickets and have fun. It means more than that. It needs whole sole preparation and planning before going to our favorite destination. There are ten travel commandments which should be discussed as they are very crucial for us and never makes us go wrong in any of our business trips or family holiday. It completely ensures our safety and security and provides trustworthy plans; which if we do not follow can put us in trouble.

Here are the basic 10 commandments discussed below:
  1. The very first commandment is to keep all the important documents. Keep your passport, visa and bank cards to avoid any danger. Other things include tickets, travel passes and credit cards. In fact you all should alert your credit card companies before going on a travel so that loss of credit cards can be prevented.
  2. The second most important thing is to arrive at the airport early enough to clear check -ins, customs and security check ups. If you happen to come by taxi then better ensure its booking a day before. And if you happen to go with your friend then remind them beforehand to escape the stress overcoming you.
  3. The next thing is to pack your bags lightly and very sensibly. Keep the entire medical and toiletry kits with you. If the destination where you are heading to is very cold then better you keep the winter stuff with you. Keep only necessary footwear with you; one for everyday wearing, another for formal wearing and last for the walking purposes with the proper shoe cases.
  4. The fourth one is to care for yourself while you are in the flight. Drink lots of water and eat hygienic food only. Do not try to take alcohols while traveling. Keep your skin moisturized and so ladies should not wear the make-up while traveling as it may lead to skin problems. Even wear stretchable clothes to make yourself comfortable. The more you will take care of yourself the more you will be stress free and will experience the less jet lag.
  5. Next thing is to keep a journal or a diary to keep writing all your experience while traveling. In this, you can easily write the names of various famous places to share it with your friends. This will help you collect your memories. You can also make album of the snaps taken.
  6. Be polite while traveling to other destination of which you are not aware of. You should not indulge in fighting with the local people there and commit crimes. It is better to contact the higher security authorities.
  7. Just free yourself while enjoying completely in your favorite destinations. See the favorite places and areas as you will not be coming to this place daily. Look out for the cheap open food courts which serve you the best food.
  8. Offer help, be kind and generous to those who want your help and seek your advice. If they need money help then you should be the first to help if you have enough money to help. But be sure that you are not misguided by them.
  9. Respect other country's customs and traditions and do not litter here and there and maintain a good civic sense.
  10. Learn everything when you are traveling as it will widen up your experience.
Thus you all should follow the vital Ten Commandments to make sure that travel to your destination may go merrier and fun filled.

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