Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dream a Trip to the Moon

I woke up in the morning and after rubbing my eyes and coming out from my sub-consciousness, I went into great astonishment about a dream I saw last night. It was a dream where I had a trip to the moon. I used to be very interested in knowing about every planet in our Universe. I always used to wonder about the life on moon, any living creatures out there, whether the extra-terrestrial objects or aliens have come from there or not. I used to read books, surf on the Internet but last night it was a dream where I myself was having a nice trip on the moon.

It was really very fascinating and the land of the moon was so nice, also called as "desolate beauty", though there was hardly anything to see but only craters and lots and lots of rocks. Let me tell how I reached there and what all I saw on the moon.

I was the lucky one to get the free ticket to a trip to the moon among all those 5000 participants. It was basically a quiz competition on the Universe and I had won it as I had a lot of knowledge about the moon and other planets. I got the space aircraft to go on such a nice and exciting space expedition. I packed my bags and I knew what all had to be taken, was wearing a space jacket to avoid any kind of troubles. It was going to be my first experience to moon. With few difficulties I reached and landed on the surface of moon. As I kept my foot on the land, I could not control my balance because its gravitational force is not as intense as we know of Earth. And I had to utter those same words of Neil Armstrong: -"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind". Now I had to agree how he himself must have experienced the moon.

The surface of moon consists of large craters, fine grained dust and rocky debris, the whole surface is filled with regolith which is grounded up rock, highlands and even plains. Some of the craters were even filled with molten lava. Its crust was very thin and cracked, allowing molten lava from the interior to reach the surface. The Moon has neither any atmosphere nor any water. What more, the sky on the moon always appears dark even during the daytime. We all know that sound waves travel in air and help in transmission of sound. But to my surprise, the moon was so silent and nothing could be heard on it, the reason was possibly no air on the moon.

I even collected some beautiful shining rocks found on its earth as I wanted to show it to all the people down on Earth. As there is no air, so no oxygen, so no life on moon otherwise how nice it would be to meet some strange living creatures. As I was busy in collecting the rocks and completely engrossed in that deserted place and started going back to earth, suddenly I saw from the moon itself, God's beautiful creation and that is Earth, a very huge and so mesmerizing moment that made me think to wait and reside on the moon itself. How anyone could leave that tantalizing thing and go? When I went back on my spacecraft and as soon as I reached the land, I woke up with a bang and thus saw myself on the bed and rubbing my eyes but alas! No rocks or pebbles from the moon in my hand.

It was an enthusiastic experience of all the dreams I have ever seen where I roamed on the moon, a land with large rocks and craters, but there was an ultimate peace and calmness which everybody on Earth is looking for. May be one day we think of migrating to moon permanently if artificial atmospheric conditions are developed by our scientific technology very soon.

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