Monday, November 3, 2008

Russian River Canoe Trip perfect for Families

Russian river canoe trips can be a very enjoyable activity for the whole family. All family members can take part in river canoeing. Taking a trip in a canoe is a very fun filled activity. Children as well as adults can have a blast during this adventurous sport. Russian River Canoe trips are perfect for family vacations.

Canoe trips help a family to experience the natural environment and lovely clean clear crystal waters of the Russian River. You can enjoy camping, swimming, boating, canoeing and explore unknown lands together. This is a perfect family getaway plan.
Here we will provide you with some of the most creative tips to enjoy the Russian River canoe trip with your family

River time
Let your feet touch the cool crystal water of the Russian River, lay across the tubes and let your partners handle the canoe for sometime. You will encounter a variety of bird life on your way. Some of these birds are egrets, heron, osprey, kingfisher, ducks, and owls. You can also enjoy a beautiful experience by wandering through giant redwoods which are a short distance away from the river.

Guides and schedules
You can easily get guides who are part naturalists and part river guides. These guides can handle your kids while you visit the wineries. These guides know special places where little kids can play and swim. The Russian River canoe trips are open seven days a week. You should make reservations of your trip at least two months in advance. You have to make a full payment while booking your canoe trip.

Best features of the Canoe trips
The canoe tours are generally planned on the most secluded part of the Russian River. The canoes are very comfortable and stable while you make the tour. These canoe tours take you through jungles in which you can see beautiful birds and a variety of different animals. You get many hours to play in the water. This will give you and your kids plenty of time to enjoy together. The river is not at all overcrowded with loud metal canoes. Only thirty canoes are allowed in the river at a time.

These Canoe trip organizers provide inflatable canoes, life jackets, dry bags and safety equipments to the customers. It is suggested that a family should carry at least one cell phone while enjoying their canoe trip in case the organizers have to call you as an emergency measure.

You can also carry small picnic baskets to enjoy on the way. Russian River canoe trips are most suitable for those families who love adventure sports. So enjoy your vacation with your family by booking a Russian River canoe trip.

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