Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Advantages and disadvantages of Online Travel Agencies

Internet is the vast source of information and internet users are utilizing the online facilities to overcome the traveling woes. Traveling geeks prefer online travel agencies but it is not always beneficial to rely on the travel agencies. There are two sides of a coin similarly online travel agencies have both advantages and disadvantages.

We can discuss advantages and disadvantages one by one. Here are few advantages:
  1. People often find it hard to choose the place of travel. Travel agencies are expert in providing the suggestions related to destination spots. There is long list of traveling places around the world. It becomes quite confusing to choose the place of visit due to lack of complete information but travel agencies make the work easier.
  2. Booking the flights, cruises, train etc for planning the travel is very hectic. You have to kill your time in selecting the right transportation. Finding the schedule of the airlines to the particular places is quite difficult and it takes lot of time to search the internet for collecting the relevant information. This work can be made easy by choosing the travel agency.
  3. You can get the best cheap deals by selecting the online travel agencies and can even get the discounted vacations o certain destinations. Online travel agencies help you to get the good accommodation. Lot of money is spent on the lodging charges but travel agencies save your money by making the rooms available at reasonable rates.
  4. Few places are very risky to visit and arranging the travel without the help of professional guide becomes impossible. Especially the places of adventure activities are planned with the help of travel agencies to avoid unprecedented woes.
Now few disadvantages of selecting the online travel agencies are as follows:
  1. All the online travel agencies are not reliable and it becomes impossible to find the travel agency which is most reliable. There is always risk to depend on online travel agencies.
  2. Sometimes booking of the tickets by the staff members is done without care and problem arise when you are about to leave. They usually commit mistake and book the ticket of wrong destination.
  3. Sometimes the hidden charges of the travel agency cost a lot and you avoid the travel agency for booking the travel again.
  4. The arrangements made by the travel agencies are not satisfactory and you complain a lot to the authority but no improvements are made in the direction.
So according to your wish choose what is best for you but enjoy traveling to the fullest.

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