Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best Tips for Foreign Travel

Finally, it is the day, the most awaited day for you all to go a nice vacation to a foreign country which you all were tempted to go. You all are full of excitement and enthusiasm as your dream has come true. But the most important thing now arrives and that is to have a safe and peaceful journey to your favorite destination. But before you all get, set and go to the airport or go by sea, you should not forget the significant things to take with you during your foreign travel. The more you are prepared, the more you will feel relaxed while traveling. There are many things which you all need to know before going to a foreign vacation. It is always recommended to do a proper research of the place where you are going to have enjoyment.

  • First and the foremost thing to keep a passport, boarding pass and visa with you. Get them Photostatted or laminated to keep you safe even if it gets lost. You all should get yourself registered in various government sites or embassy sites which will help you if you get lost or your important documents get lost. You should not even forget to keep your tickets; your international credit or ATM cards but before that check out your bank in that particular location wherever you are going. It is always suggested that you get all your important documents photocopied to avoid any problems. Take your unlocked hand bags, locked trolley bags, travel kits with you such as medicine kits, toiletry kits, cosmetics for men and women, few travel accessories during day or night time, extra things needed for kids and pets etc.
  • Carry a superb digital camera of more than 2 GB memory card with yourself as it will help you in trapping the most memorable sites and moments as it has a memory card to store lots of data. In order to know the daily happenings of that country you all should daily read the newspaper or watch the news in order to prevent any problem. It is always suggested to learn the language of a particular place or some local phrases used by the people where you are going. Check out that area's weather, any common diseases existing there, its holidays and festivals, various places of attraction in that country, and try to know much about everything in advance. Even car rentals, reservation in hotels or resorts also matters a lot. Check your room before you are going to stay.
  • Our vacation should be the most remembering one and no carelessness should be done while traveling to foreign country otherwise your vacation will convert into a nightmare if precautions are not taken. So you should have travel insurance and a medical insurance done which will keep you tension free at least. You all should get the best packages from the trusted travel agents only. It is also must to know where to get the currency exchanged.
  • It is rightly said that you should be careful enough while traveling to other countries as law varies from country to country. You should not indulge yourself talking to those who are of rude behavior and should not indulge in crime. It is good enough to save your money by taking a tourist bus or licensed taxis to see various sights.
  • While traveling stay away from hitch-hiking, do not travel in empty compartments in trains, and be safe from the harassment in the crowded buses or trains.
  • Be polite while talking to the local public in any country you go in order to stay away from the abuses and fights. Do not insult the foreign customs or traditions.
So before you start leaving to have an exciting experience of a foreign land, check once again what all you needed. Be optimistic to have a memorable trip. Do not forget to learn what all you see and

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