Friday, December 19, 2008

The Top Sights in Cairo

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and is the largest city in Africa. This capital city is famous for its ancient history and that overwhelming experience in the hot deserts and exhausting hot fumes of the day. It is a very hectic, smelly, dusty but side by side a very beautiful and gorgeous city. It really takes a lot of patience while visiting Cairo. Cairo is situated on the river Nile; it has its own prehistoric history full of surprises. You will see the mausoleums of the dead, even luxury hotels and floating palaces of pleasure.

Let us discuss the top ten sights to visit in Cairo.

1.The Pyramids of Giza
It is the famous and the most beautiful place to visit in Cairo. The Pyramids of Egypt are the most impressive and are located on the left bank of the River Nile. The pyramids contains the Pyramid of Khufu (or Great Pyramid), the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure; and the Great Sphinx is nearby too.

2.The Museum of Egyptian Antiques
If you are really interested in knowing the ancient history then the best place for family trip is The Museum of Egyptian Antiques. Here you will find some of the legendary treasures of Tutankhamen's burial, mummies, sarcophagi, coins, papyrus and artefacts from throughout the Egyptian history.

3.The Citadel
It is one of the famous holiday spot to visit, as it includes museums and ancient mosques. Thus you can plunge into the deep secrets of this place and come out with enormous information about ancient history.

4.Cairo Tower
It is said to be the iconic building and is 187 meters tall granite tower. It is 45 meters above the Great Pyramids at Giza and the best place to visit it is in the evening. You can also dine in the tower's restaurant with its rotating floor.

5.Giza Zoo
Amazingly you will also find a zoo called as Giza Zoo which has wide range of extinct animals and other vegetation.

6.Khan el Khalili Market
It is one of the famous shopping areas in Cairo made early in 1382. The canvas covered shops are full of all the crafts and other varieties.

7.The Hanging Church
This is the most impressive church in the city. It is lies above the gatehouse of Babylon Fortress, with its nave suspended over the passage. It has a marble platform, inlaid screens, icons and frescoes.

8.Pharaonic Village
This is an attractive and an exciting village that takes us 3000 years back into the days of pharaohs. The venture has managed to combine education with entertainment. Thus it is a perfect spot for the family attraction and entertainment.

9.Museum of Islamic Ceramics
This museum is full of the fascinating antiques of the ancient time. You will also see the beautiful and stunning variety of ceramics in the exhibits. Thus it is famous for the artists and art lovers.

10.The Manial Palace
This palace was built fro the Prince Mohammed Ali between 1899 and 1929. But in 1955 it became the property of Egypt. This structure is basically the mixture of Ottoman, Moorish, European rococo and Persian architecture and the museum in it stores artefacts dating from medieval times. The other enticing place is the museum garden full of rare tropical plants and incredible palms for the plant lovers.

Thus these are top ten sights in Cairo which should not be missed during your holiday in Cairo.

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