Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some decent Destinations in Rome

Rome situated on the river Tiber between the Apennine Mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea is the "Eternal City". It is a well known vivacious city in the world. It offers the best attractions, the fabulous restaurants, old cathedrals, churches and other buildings revealing the ancient art and architecture. This city is famous for the art lovers and other artists. There is a lot to see in Rome full of excitements and vibes. The shopping fun experience, visiting the monuments and museums will really give you a breathtaking charm.

There are decent destinations to visit in Rome. Let us know about their charm and aura spread all around.

1.Foro Romano and Palatino
The Roman Forum is a heap of marble fragments, columns and floor layouts. The Palatine Hill became the seat of political and religious power. Here the palaces of Roman emperors stood. Early it was beautified and crowned with the Michelangelo-designed Piazza Campidoglio. Another dramatic feature is the former atrium of the House of the Vestal Virgins and the adjacent Temple of Vesta, a circular building where the vestal virgins were commended in keeping the eternal flame alight.

2.Trajan's Forum and Trajan's Markets
Trajan's Forum is basically the complex that consisted of a main square, a basilica and two libraries. The Trajan's markets consisted of small shops spread all over. The Trajan's column is regarded as the greatest works of Roman art.

It was the biggest center of entertainment, gladiatorial conquests between men, lions, tigers or other ferocious beasts with death guaranteed in the ancient period. Today it is seen as the skeletal framework as it was destroyed by the earthquake and was one of the early Seven Wonders of the World. It has that amazing architectural shape and structure that still it is the attractions for the tourists.

Best conserved and beautifully proportioned of Rome's ancient monuments, the Pantheon has become the emblem of the city.

5.Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums
It is simply the awe inspiring works of the famous artist Michelangelo. The frescoes are painted by him on the ceilings of Sistine Chapel. The frescoes are of The Last Judgment in which Jesus Christ was having the dinner with his disciples and was betrayed by Judus. It is simply the masterpiece. Even the Vatican Museums such as Stanze di Raffaello Museum, the Etruscan Museum and the Pio-Clementino Museum contain the world's largest collection of Classical statues.

6.St. Peter's Basilica
It is marked as the burial ground of the saint which has an incredible interiors and exteriors. You can have a walk in the Vatican Gardens and Vatican Grottoes which contains the papal tombs.

7.Trevi Fountain
It is situated in the middle of the labyrinthine streets off Via del Tritone. It is said that a virgin came across a three-way spring and caused the original fountain to be built. The unique statues appear as a cast of characters performing a melodrama.

8.Villa & Galleria Borghese
It is famous for the city zoo, Piazza di Siena horse-jumping arena, mock ancient temples, imitation medieval castles and an artificial lake. It even includes theaters for the old and famous plays.

9.Piazza Navona
It is lined with cafes and restaurants to have a break from sight seeing and gorge the famous Italian food and enjoy the company of fun loving people of Rome.

10.Capitoline Museums
They house the country's most fabulous and important collections of Roman sculptures.

Thus these are the famous attractions where everyone would like to go and get lost in its historical monuments and cultural aura.

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