Monday, December 22, 2008

How to throw a Vegas New Year's Eve party

If you are thinking of throwing a party then it is better to throw a typical Las Vegas style of party in your home and invite friends and relatives to make the most out of it. You should not just sit and wait for the special New Year parties organized by the clubs or hotels but enjoy the party of your style and appeal.

Let us guide you on how to throw a Vegas New Year's Eve party.
  1. First of all set and plan out the whole schedule. Set a timeline that when your friends will be arriving to your home or party location. You should decide whether or not you would like your guests to eat before they come, or if you will be providing dinner. Tell them to show up early if it is late night and mention in your invitation that you will provide them the evening snacks. Always make sure that your friends bring their own alcoholic drinks otherwise your whole money will be wasted on drinks only. Set the time that the guests will need to arrive and work from there.
  2. Another step is to have mini auctions in your party after every 30 minutes or 1 hour. So when people arrive at your party you will give them a bag or sack or pouch of some kind with their "chips" in it. They can thus earn or lose more at the auctions at your gaming tables. This never makes the party boring and full of activity and excitement.
  3. After that just wrap up the gifts that you had bought for the auctions. You can cover the gifts in the brown sack cloths and if the item is too big then put a written note into it signifying the large item. You can also put chips into it to save money and thus making more of your guests to go for the next auction.
  4. Be the dealers as well as the hosts yourself. Decide what gaming tables you would like to have. Most people choose the Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette tables because they are easily rented. Do not forget to rent the chips. Any rental company that rents the tables will rent the chips as well. Decide how much "loot" each person should get when they arrive and rent about 6 to 10 times that amount.
  5. If you are hiring the dealers then it is better that you dress them attractively and get them a similar kind of garb as seen in the casinos in Las Vegas. Bow ties and tux shirts are cheap and fun and do not forget those green shades. You will need to buy a few decks of cards too.
  6. For the invitations, you should not have any trouble finding some Vegas themed invites. If you are expecting your friends to be dealers it will be better to let them know the rules of games before the party starts. The best place to print out the rules is It will have all the different games and the rules.
Thus, it will be really very delighting and enticing to throw a Vegas New Year Eve's Party.

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