Thursday, December 25, 2008

How to Celebrate New Year in Hawaii

Hawaii Islands are called as Paradise islands as they hold their awesome beauty and natural surroundings. The whole environment is so romantic, pleasurable and very mesmerizing. The Hawaiian Islands are the best place to celebrate New Year. You will be really touched with the charm and charisma of going to the tropical islands to celebrate the New Year with ultimate joy and happiness.
Let us discuss the ways of enjoying and celebrating New Year in Hawaii.
  1. It is the most pleasurable moment to celebrate in late December or in the early January when it is slight warmer than most of the other US countries. Your party can be a kind of mild one or a wild one. The best island to celebrate is Oahu and the Big Island, Hawaii.
  2. For retired or active military, Oahu has a private Military Beach available with camping. You will also get the perfect lodging at the best discounted rates. Since the hotels get filled up fast in the New Year Eve so it is better that you plan ahead.
  3. Hawaii offers many options for single as well as family fun, adventure and relaxation.
  4. For the first time travelers, Hawaii can be costly. So try to go to those stores that have the local and tourist prices. Shop around and try not to stick out too much. Expect to pay more than usual and try to go a little off the beaten path.
  5. It is also recommended that if you want to see most of the island then have a rental car for sight seeing and visiting the hot spots.
  6. Do not miss snorkeling at Hunama Bay. Also the Kilauea volcano should not be missed. You can also get the amazing experience for a Helicopter Tour of the Big Island or other innumerable and gorgeous islands of Hawaii. The best part of the ocean waters is warm so if you want, you can also have fun while swimming or playing in the sandy beaches by making castles.
  7. Firecrackers are the Hawaiian tradition, so do not miss that spectacular glory and charisma in the sky at night.
  8. Try to be safe and alert even if it is the celebration time so that your happiest moments might not convert into nightmares. Try to dress in layers and be careful in the water as the sudden climatic conditions can put effect on the ocean waters. Oahu and Maui are the best for surfers. But you can snowboard in Hawaii 13000 feet tall snowy mountain. There are no special ski resorts so snowboarding is meant for the trained adventurous people.
  9. Get the finest cuisines offered in the beautifully decorated restaurants and resorts near the beaches. Try a Manapua which is a soup filled with meat and other famous foods.
  10. 1You can also enjoy in the light romantic bonfire parties at the beaches or the chill-out parties in the resorts and clubs.
You will be really happy to enjoy New Year at Hawaii and have the unique and most amazing experience of every beautiful moment.

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