Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Safe Travelling Tips

Safety is one of the most important measures that one should follow during travelling. Everyone should be aware of all the traffic rules if they are travelling by road. Safety of ourselves as well as other people travelling with us is the most important thing one should be aware of while travelling.

Here are some tips that would ensure your safety while travelling. These tips will surely provide you with guidelines for safe and sound travel.
  • The most important tip that you should follow is that you should not indulge in talking to strangers. Revealing of personal information (like name, address, phone number. Etc.) To people who can misuse it can be dangerous to you.
  • While travelling overseas one should be careful that they have kept all the necessary documents like passport, travel insurance and visa very safely.
  • While travelling by road one should not be drunk, necessary traffic rules should be followed. While travelling across borders of different countries make sure that you have the required permit.
  • Get a through medical check up of your self and your family before going on a trip. You should make sure that you do not carry any disease that will spread through direct, air or water contact.
  • Make sure that you have packed your luggage and essential items in a proper manner. You should take care of your bags and ensure that they are not lost or misplaced.
  • It is very necessary for you to carry a map of the place your are visiting, this will help you in locating all the important places and will also help in case you are lost or in any kind of danger.
  • Always carry the contact number and address of the hotel you are staying in. Incase you are travelling on a cruise ship you should carry the name of the cruise liner as well as your travel agent.
  • Incase of overseas travel always carry the address of the Embassy of your host country; this will help you in case you are in any kind of trouble.
  • Do some beforehand research of the customs and religious practices of the natives of the place you are going to. It would offend the locals if you do some thing which is not in accordance with their religious beliefs.
  • Take precautions to prevent your self from becoming the target of any kind of crime. Do not wear expensive jewellery neither carry a heavy amount of cash.
Following these tips will surely make your travel experience more safe and enjoyable.

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