Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Get Travel Insurance to Make Your Trip Safe

Travel insurance is becoming very necessary while you travel abroad or across your own home country. Travel insurance helps you when you face any crisis during your trip like accident or theft. Today there are a vast number of travel insurance plans which offers you with a wide variety of choice to make your trip more safe and comfortable.

Travel insurance helps in a number of situations like trip cancellation, medical costs, emergency evacuation, natural calamities, terrorist attacks and other problems related with travelling. Travel insurance provides you with the required travel cover to make your journey enjoyable by reducing the risk.

Taking travel insurance is a very easy task; the customer has to pay a premium which is payable to the insurance company. The insurance company will in return bear all the expenses involved in any mishap that may occur during your trip. If you do not meet with any misfortunate incident during the trip, then the insurance company will take away the entire premium amount.

It is very essential for you to read all the points in a travel insurance policy before you sign the documents. A good travel insurance policy should provide you with the following facilities
  • Medical and health cover
  • 24 hours emergency cover
  • Accident cover
  • Legal expenses cover
  • Lost and stolen possession cover
  • Cancellation cover
But a travel insurance policy has certain exceptions
  • It does not cover alcohol and drug related accidents
  • You must take proper care of your things otherwise an insurance policy will not provide you protection.
While buying a travel insurance cover you should be well aware of the following points
  • Take a multi-trip insurance if you travel very frequently.
  • Cheaper policies provide you with less cover.
  • A good travelling insurance company will provide you cover for cancelling or cutting you trip short.
  • Ensure that the policy will cover the full cost of your holiday.
  • A good policy should also cover your pre-paid expenses.
You should take the insurance policy seven days before you make the trip. You can also choose to limit your policy for small items like cameras and jewellery. If you have lost a certain object, you should record a F.I.R with in 24 hours of such incident. Proof will be necessary when you make your claim.

Good travel insurance will also cover your personal liabilities. Hence it is very important that you take a proper travel insurance policy which would save you from all unexpected incidents.

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