Sunday, October 26, 2008

Travel Games for Kids

While travelling on a family holiday with your kids you should make that your kids are busy during that time period. Kids are usually very naughty and they get bored very easily. You will experience no problem in traveling with your kids if they are kept busy and involved in something.

To solve your problem of keeping kids busy during travel, we provide you information about some of the best travel games that your kids will enjoy playing.

1.Car travel bingo
Car travel bingo is a very exciting game. Children will love playing this game during a hectic car ride. You can easily purchase travel bingo board from any dollar shop. This game is very interesting; you can have a fun filled time playing this game with your children.

2.Alphabet search
This game involves great attention from the children because the aim of this game is to search objects outside the car that begin with letter A-Z in order. The person who completes all the letters first wins this game. You can involve sign boards, license plates, buildings and numbers in your game. This is a very practical as well as an enjoyable game.

3.I Spy
I Spy is a very popular game that almost every one knows how to play it. Kids love playing this game and the greatest advantage is that you can easily play this game in your car. You can make the use of objects inside the car or outside it. This game will help in removing the boredom of your kids.

4.Word chain
Word chain is one of the most interesting travel games. This game is very easy and simple. You have to first choose a category and then identify an item in that category. The next person has to name the second object of the same category, but that object should start with the letter with which the previous item ended. Even small kids can get involved in this game.

Twenty-five is a very simple and interesting game. A person has to select any letter at random. Each player then has to write down twenty-five objects with that letter, but those objects should be inside or outside the car. The game is stopped after a short period of time and points of all the players are calculated.

6.Start a story
You as a parent can start a story and then encourage your children to continue that story. This game is very good to increase your child's imagination power. This game also gives you a chance to laugh in case some one adds a witty line. So play this game to kill your boredom while traveling.

These are few of the best travel games for children that would keep them busy and would also encourage them into thinking creatively.

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