Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tips and Advice for Air Travel with Baby

If you are a mother and have a small baby while travelling on a plane then there are certain tips and precautions that you must follow for the safety of your baby as well as your self. Air travel with a baby is the most difficult task. Some of the problems start even before you board the air plane.

So in order to avoid these problems and for a safe air journey for you as well as your baby you should keep in mind the bellow mentioned tips:
  • First of all you should keep all the necessary items that a baby needs, an air plane may or may not have those things. The list includes boiled water, baby food, milk, clean diapers and underpants, napkins and toys for the baby.
  • If you can then book your place in a larger air craft because this will provide more facilities for the baby.
  • Always bring your own utensils and feeding bowls with your self which are sterilized and properly washed.
  • Bring ready to eat food and drinking items for your baby, this would save much of your time and energy in preparing any thing while on board.
  • Always consider going with one other person while you are travelling with a baby on a plane. This would help you to take care of the baby in a proper fashion as that other person would always be there to help you in case the baby is in any trouble.
  • Don not forget to carry warm blankets and clothes for your baby while travelling on a plane. Sometimes the temperature in an air craft may get too low for the baby to bear.
  • Try carrying a car seat for your baby onboard. The car seat is a very good option for safety purposes for the baby.
  • Get a through medical check-up of your baby done. Also ask your doctor whether the baby is safe enough to take a flight, the doctor will tell you about the medical precautions that you should take while travelling with a baby
  • Sometimes the baby may have pain is his or her ears due to the change of pressure in the aircraft, be sure to keep some cotton in handy.
  • Purchase a sling or a back pack carrier; they will help you to carry your baby with much ease and comfort. Special flight vest are required for babies if you have a long flight.
Insure the safety of your baby by following these important advices. They will help your baby to travel more comfortably and securely while travelling by air.

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