Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Holiday in Germany

Germany is a very beautiful country in central Europe. Germany is rich in art and cultural heritage, it has magical castles, vast tracts of land covered by lush green vegetation and it offers the pleasure of having the best wine and beer available in the world. It has a number of old towns, medieval houses, gigantic churches and small villages.

Germany is one of the best and most popular holiday destinations in the world. You can visit Germany at any time of the year but the best time is the autumn season when you can enjoy both seaside vacations as well as skiing trips on the huge mountains. It is an elegant country which has vibrant wine festivals and traditional German Christmas market.

Germany offers you many delights including great outdoor adventures, great music, fun filled annual beer festival, some of the greatest cuisines of the world, spa holidays, summer river cruising, many traditional events and the superb wine. Some of the cities of Germany like Freiburg, Bonn, Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Heidelberg and Tubingen attract the greatest number of tourist all the year around.

Germany has great scenery, breathtaking rivers like Rhine and Moselle .It has a fascinating history and wonderful painters. Germany is the land of Holy Roman Empire, Italian Renaissance painters and medieval architectural styles and designs.

Germany is a country of great diversity; it has lovely sandy beaches in the north, lush green valleys and huge mountains in the centre and amusement parks and rivers in the west. All the cities of Germany are united in providing great tour packages and excursions to its visitors.

Germany attracts a lot of attention from people who are cultural seekers and shoppers. The annual beer and wine festival offers great opportunities to all the alcohol lovers to come together and enjoy. It also gives you a chance to enjoy mouth watering dishes of local specialties as well as international standards.

It may sound surprising to the foreign visitors that it is a German custom to charge a fee for entering a beach; in return of the fee you get clean secure beaches including Yoga and live music facilities for youngsters as well as kids. Germany has some of the largest museums containing fantastic treasure of paintings which depict distinctive lifestyles and customs.

Germany's modern and sophisticated cities will surely rejuvenate your senses. All the cities of Germany contain a large number of huge and luxurious hotels which will make your stay very comfortable. In all, Germany is a country that will help you in enjoying a thrilling, enjoyable and learning experience and also help you in creating memories that would last for a life time.

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Frankie said...

I confirm that autumn is the best time to visit Germany. This October was absolutely gorgeous with colors, dry weather and great sunsets!

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