Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best advise for the single woman traveler

It has been presumed since ages that single women should not travel alone. But is this argument justified? Being a single woman doesn't mean that she should not be allowed to travel alone. Some women find a hard time convincing their parents to allow them to venture out alone but parents should come of age and let their girls travel without a partner. In fact single woman travelers should be respected for having the nerve and courage to venture in the world all by themselves.

Inspite of everything, there is considerable amount of risk involved while traveling alone but certain tips and suggestions can result in your journey being trouble-free and enjoyable. Here are some of them
  • Be careful of your luggage. Always make a list of items that you want to carry. Avoid carrying heavy load as it might be inconvenient for you to manage it all by yourself. Traveling lighter is also safe.
  • Decide about the day bag that you are going to use and keep all the important personal belongings such as passport, money and camera there. Try taking a rug sack which you can carry on your back than multiple carry bags.
  • It is inevitable for woman to keep from sexual harassment but some things can help you to escape from such dangerous situations. Your dressing style should not be loud or exposing as this might invite unwanted attention of the fellow travelers.
  • Don't speak unnecessarily or make any kind of eye contact while speaking with men as it might give them a signal that you are interested in them. Avoid speaking to the cab driver, local guide, waiter or the hotel manager without reason.
  • While traveling in a bus, train or by air make sure that you sit next to a woman or a group of women.
  • While checking in a hotel, try to get a room which is next to the elevator. It might seem noisy in the beginning but is much safer as any one can hear your cries for help immediately.
  • Always make sure that a lady staff comes to clean your room. Keep your personal belongings like money, passport and other expensive items in the cupboard as long as somebody is there in your room.
  • Make sure that you stay in small budget hotels rather than a big hotel. It will be easier for the hotel staff to recognize that you are alone and if any person makes false claims of being your friend then it can easily be identified.
  • Lastly it is always advisable to leave jewelery or other expensive items at home because such things can definitely urge someone to rob it from you. Try carrying a map of the place that you are visiting.
Although some of the above mentioned facts make solo traveling a tedious task but with a little sense of cleverness and caution you will find traveling alone much more enjoyable and adventurous than a trip with others.

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