Friday, January 16, 2009

Dealing with Air Sickness

The main problems that occur while traveling by plane are the air sickness and jetlag. But what are they and how they can be prevented and dealt with, really takes a lot in having knowledge about them. So let us know first what air sickness is.

Air Sickness

Most people think that air sickness is mental disorder but it is not so. It is the feeling of nausea which is caused by motion when the plane lands or takes off. This is due to the steep attitude of the airplane, the sudden increase or decrease in speed and height. The common signs of air sickness are loss of appetite, vertigo, burping, stomach awareness, nausea, and increased swallowing and salivation. Airsickness is due to the difference between what people see with their eyes and the data that they get from the hearing organs of the ears. Thus, this makes your brain confused to process efficiently.

Let us discuss how to deal with it.
  1. Do not be stressed and try to be relaxed. Even if you fear the take-off then its better that you divert your mind and take a mild sleeping pill an hour before the scheduled take-off. Do not think much about the air sickness because the more you will think the more you will feel sick.
  2. Do not be full stomach but eat and drink sparingly before getting on the plane.
  3. While taking-off try to be in your seat belts so that even slightest motion may not cause you air sickness.
  4. Take anti-air sickness and special wristbands from the airport.
Jet Lag

Jet lag becomes a dread feeling for those who travel for hours for their work and business meetings. It is because of jet lag, sleep patterns get disturbed. This really occurs when ones body clock is confused and symptoms include sleeplessness, tiredness; lack of concentration, headaches and a general feeling of disorientation. Jet lag is usually at its most horrible condition when crossing several time zones particularly in an easterly direction.

Let us discuss how to deal with jet lag.
  1. While flying towards east, sleep as much as you can. Try to have meals, drinks and try to relax.
  2. In order to avoid disorientation change the watch timings according to the destination you are heading to.
  3. On arrival to the destination have fresh air, evening meals and do not try to go to bed.
  4. If you were not able to sleep in the plane, then sleep for few hours at your destination but make sure that you set your alarm clock and do not sleep for so long. Go to bed at normal time of the destination after dining.
  5. In order to deal jet lag in a great way is try to reach the place few days before to manage the time and adjust according to it.
Thus these are the useful and healthy tips to prevent you from air sickness and jet lag.

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