Friday, January 9, 2009

Secret Advice for Bed and Breakfast Guests

Bed and breakfast is a type of lodging which generally runs on a smaller residential area usually in the host's own home or in the nearby home. The Bed and Breakfast owners offer a warmer welcome of their guests and help in making their stay comfortable and more memorable. There are various advantages of staying in the hosts own home called as Bed and Breakfast is just because of the fact that you can meet new people and engage in talking to them. You can also get your own privacy. You get everything from food to facilities to comfort and that too in the reasonable price. Bed and breakfasts are often located in the residential areas rather than tourist districts and can also become the choice for big-city travelers.

But there are several tips and advice required for the Bed and Breakfast guests.
  1. Before booking the B&B ask various questions to know your conveniences. Make sure that you choose according to your taste and needs as some are modern B&B but some are a bit historic also.
  2. While booking the inn do mention your dietary preferences. Ask the kind of breakfast they serve.
  3. If you have allergies then make sure that you ask the innkeepers to make you stay away from the allergic areas. It should be smoke free and not be having pets in the area where you are living.
  4. Do the proper research before booking the B&B as some of them do not allow children because there are chances of risking their special antique pieces and furniture. So you check their policy plan beforehand only. Also check that whether you will be allowed to keep pets with you or not as they can also destroy some useful things in the inns.
  5. When making your reservations ask about the amenities that you desire to get from B&B. Do check for the private bathrooms if you do not like to use the shared one.
  6. You should be careful enough in knowing the policies such as of cancellation policy or deposits schemes while booking for the room in B&B.
  7. You should ask for the check-in and check-out times in order to prevent any inconvenience if you are out for the business or personal purposes. Better you call ahead and inform the innkeepers that you are getting late. Usually the B&B innkeepers are in bed by 10 p.m. so manage the things orderly.
  8. Try to reserve your rooms early by doing the proper research beforehand as some of the inns do not prefer walk-ins.
  9. Try to live in your rooms comfortably and treat your room with care the way you care for your home.
Thus these secret advices are found very useful for the Bed and Breakfast guests to get the great facilities with the comfortable stay.

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