Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rock Climbing Techniques

Rock climbing is one of the popular adventurous sports and liked by many people. Rock climbing is not easy and involves lot of risks. You have to be physically fit for enjoying the sport of rock climbing. Rock climbing can be done on the man made rocks and also on the natural rocks or the mountains. Mountain climbing is more difficult than rock climbing. It is important to learn the techniques of rock climbing for avoiding the pitfalls because mistakes in rock climbing can be life threatening. There is need of proper guidance for the new comers.

Following are the rock climbing techniques:
  1. It is advisable to stretch your muscles before embarking on the rock climbing. Little warm up exercises are essential for relaxing your muscles and to avoid the strain in muscles.
  2. There is need of collecting info about the route where you have to climb. Idea about the route helps in taking the right position during climbing.
  3. Balancing is pertinent while climbing. Right moves help in balancing the body. Grip plays important role in balanced moves. There is need to put the anchor in the right position for ensuring safety. Strong gripping with hands ensures safe and quick movements.
  4. Legs are used for holding the weight of the body during movements and the strength of the arms are used for gripping. Upper and lower body has different functions in rock climbing. Upper body part helps in movements in balance manner.
  5. Body should be kept near to the wall for keeping the center of mass in the right position. Keeping the body near the wall help in making the movements easily.
  6. There is a need to take rest in short intervals for maintaining the stamina. If you feel little exhausted then you can take rest frequently. People who are doing regular exercises and have built muscles can easily cope up with the challenges.
  7. Descending techniques are also important for coming down from the rock. Safety is the most important consideration for belayer at the bottom of the rock and the climber.
  8. Massage is preferred by many people before rock climbing for keeping the muscles relaxes and it also gives strength to the body parts.
  9. Rope systems have to be seen so that it could be understood clearly for rock climbing. Leader and belayer have to take proper care for protection.

Rock climbing should be done under the guidance of experienced professional to avoid the danger of mishaps.

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