Monday, February 16, 2009

Shark Diving

Shark diving is becoming popular nowadays and people are more interested in understanding the behavior of the sharks. Sharks are dangerous creatures and are found in some parts of the world in the deep ocean waters. But after the deep study of the sharks it has been found that all sharks are not dangerous. Few of the sharks are not so violent in behavior and many travelers like to enjoy the shark diving trips. Scuba diving and shark diving trips are planned by the travelers in different parts of the world.

Following pointers describe about shark diving:
  1. There are large vessels designed for the safety of the tourists. Special types of cages are designed so that person can easily get adjusted in it. Size of the container and the material of the vessel are significant for the purpose of comfort and proper view. Travelers can easily enjoy the shark diving in the offshore islands with the help of air system arranged for spending more time inside the vessel.
  2. Sharks like to come in the place where food is available. Shark food is provided in the place where people like to attract the sharks. Fishes are made as bait for the sharks and the tourists enjoy the close encounter wit the sharks. Large number of sharks crowd around the place where food is available. Food is not provided in large amount but it is given just for attracting the sharks.
  3. Sharks play important role in maintain the ecological balance in the ocean ecosystem. Sharks are predators and leader in the food chain and people who study ecosystem consider sharks as the important living creature in the food chain. Biologists have researched about the sharks and have helped in giving clear views on the sharks. People are now more aware of the sharks and like to plan shark diving.
  4. There are many shark divers who assist you in shark diving. Shark divers give the detail information about the different species of sharks present in the ocean. Great white shark and Tiger sharks are among the favorite species for the travelers. Research is going on in Mexico on the sharks and many plans have been laid down for their conservation.
  5. Large numbers of travelers like to see the sharks and enjoy the shark diving under the guidance of shark divers. Many people are engaged in hunting sharks for their skin etc and this makes it endangered specie. If the shark killing will continue then sharks can get extinct in the future.
You can collect more info about the sharks and the places of shark diving.

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