Friday, February 6, 2009

Grand River Corporate Rafting Trips

Grand River corporate rafting trips offer a refreshing and innovative approach to "Experience everything together". Corporate rafting on the Grand River is an outdoor experience, only one hour west of Toronto. The location of the river allows corporate to plan for an outdoor event with easy traveling time. In fact, the Grand River Rafting company can be best described as the wedding planner of the Grand River. The company customizes day trips according to the need and requirements of the corporate.

Corporate teams can request meeting facilities that host up to 100 people in a secluded or isolated outdoor setting. There are barbeque feasts of chicken, steak and rib with marinated portabella mushrooms to add spice and flavor to the day. Overnight accommodations for those from afar can be arranged at the elegant Arlington hotel in the sweet river town of Paris or small groups can enjoy the country side setting of River Ridge Bed and Breakfast.

The essence of corporate rafting is to plan out a day where people can experience things together. There are many places where people can sit and talk with each other, with the panoramic scenery of the Grand River drifting by. This is definitely a "get-to-know us" setting. The Grand is not a nerve-racking river; it is easy going with splash that everyone can enjoy. It has an average depth of one meter with a fun combination of and swift and pools. The guided raft easily navigates and is designed in such a manner that it accommodates people of all ages, size and skill. This allows everybody to participate in an amazing place of exotic beauty and splendor.

The trips encourage group interaction and participation with the imaginative challenge of the "Joe Bushman Quiz". The quiz gets individual group of rafts to interact and think together in a relaxed mode. The splashing is contradicted with times of quietness, where the teams paddle together through some amazing scenery, where people are individuals yet all one. There are various stops to learn about edible & medicinal plants where colleagues jest one another to eat diarrhea berries or feel poison ivy! Fun competitions are also included where the teams are supposed to build there own fire and eat boiled eggs or create strategies to win the famous "Who is the Boss" rafting tug of war. The varieties of competition are held to bring teams together with an edge of competition based on laughter and imagination, thereby involving every employee. Barbeques are generally hosted at the end of rafting trips, so that you can enjoy a great day and have some great meal afterwards.

The owners of the Grand River Rafting company have hosted a multitude of such rafting trips, with an aim to bring individuals together for a wonderful and adventurous outing.

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